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Software for Effective Employee Time Tracking

The questions that every company owner or CEO wants answers to are: “How much company time is spent by employees doing actual work” and “How much time is spent on private activities”?

The development of an innovative employee time tracking software tool by Cyclope that allows companies to track each employee’s computer activities and the time spent on different applications can now provide management with all the answers.

How companies benefit from using employee time tracking software

The efficient use of time in the workplace is vital to the success and productivity of any organization. Managing employees effectively by tracking irregularities that lead to unproductive hours gives you total control over your company.

In this screenshot of a time tracking report it is easy to see how much time was spent by the employee on different activities. The report is divided into categories, etc. active hours, overtime hours, on-line hours and other useful data. Reports that allow you to see how much time the employee has spent on a certain application are also available. Example: If you want to monitor the total time the employee has spent navigating the internet or chatting with his/her friends – simply select the internet activity or chat monitoring tab in the top navigation.

The major functionalities of the employee time tracking software are efficiently centralized. A main top navigation and a left side menu allows you to select the activity report of an individual or a group of workers.

The Cyclope-Series Time Tracking Program provides you with a transparent view of the workflow in your organization. This allows you to identify the most productive employees in your organization and view the details related to the tasks performed by them, etc. how much time it took to complete a certain task.

The alert section of the employ time tracking software allows you to set rules regarding the maximum time spend using an application. When these rules are broken the system displays the data of the employee in the Alert report window.

The Time Tracking Software record the following five major activities

  • employee/group total active time
  • employee/group total idle time
  • employee/group total time during a work day
  • employee/group total overtime
  • employee/group total time spent online

The time tracking software records the hours and minutes spent by an employee or group of employees on each of the above-mentioned activities with the highest accuracy.

Reports can be viewed remotely via a web interface. A printer friendly version of all the activity reports is available. The data can also be exported and saved in an Excel file.

The ability of the Employee Time Tracking Tool to point out productive time in an organization and to track weaknesses that lead to unproductive time, together with useful functionalities such as flexibility, remote checking and high accuracy, makes our product the best employee monitoring software on the market.
Download the 15 day trial version of the Cyclope Employee Time Tracking Tool to evaluate its efficiency in your organization.

Time Tracking
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Time Tracking