employee monitoring software
employee monitoring software
employee monitoring software

Awards & Achievements

Amplusnet is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, achieving ISV and Data Management Competence

Cyclope completed “Verified for Windows Server 2004 – ISV Tour” by VeriTest

Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution

Monitor Internet

Cyclope Employee on-line behaviour surveillance solution provides information about:

  • Websites visited by every employee and active time spent on each website.
  • Web applications used (Online games, Internet browser, Download applications, Desktop applications, All social media)

Example: A web page is opened by an employee and browsed for five minutes. (www.exampleA.com). The employee opens a new web page (www.exampleB.com) and leaves the page that was opened first running in the background for the whole day without going back to that page. The active time calculated by Cyclope for www.exampleA.com is a total of five minutes.

Please Note: “Active” time is the actual time spent by a user on a website, document or a chat window with a margin of 45 seconds.

Cyclope is the leading internet monitoring software in South Africa. View your employee productivity and activities through this internet tracking software.

Please Note: Details that relate to the content of webpages visited, documents, emails or chat windows are not monitored by Cyclope.

Monitor Documents

Cyclope informs you about the following documents used by an employee and the active time spent on each document:

The following type of documents are monitored:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and Open Office,
  • Adobe, Autocad, Arhicad and other similar software,
  • ERP, Project Management or payroll programs.

File Activity

Cyclope also monitors the activities on each document, etc:

  • Actions performed on every document etc. create, copy, modify, delete
  • The date, time and duration and the corresponding drive on which the activity was performed.
  • Select to view only file activities that were recorded on fixed drives (hard disk) or only the ones that were recorded on removable drives (memory cards, memory sticks, portable hard-disk, etc).

Monitor Chat or Instant Message Applications

Cyclope provide the following information about chat conversations by every employee.

  • Who the employee is chatting with (ID’s) as well as the duration of every conversation.
  • If chat sessions by employees were related to work (with other colleagues or customers) or personal.

Please Note:
Details that relate to the content of employee’s chat conversations (screenshots, text) are not monitored by Cyclope & is inline with the South African POPI ACT.

Productivity Report

Cyclope employee monitoring software is specially designed to provide management with instant information and statistics related to the productivity of staff in their organization. Monitor the activities of employees on applications previously set by you as productive or unproductive.

  • Determine the productivity level for the different categories of application, etc. Google Chrome/Internet Explorer and every individual activity, etc. websites visited.
  • Shows all the applications that an employee has used and the active time that was spent on each application.

Application Usage

  • With Cyclope you can monitor all your employee’s activities on applications previously set as productive or unproductive.
  • Cyclope provides you with information about all the applications that were run on a computer and the active time spent on them.

Monitor Attendance

By associating an employee’s arrival at and departure from the office with the first and last action performed by him/her on the computer, the start work hour and end work hour for every employee each day can be monitored.

Monitor Overtime

Defining of the work schedule by the application’s administrator, allows you to monitor the activity of employees during the work schedule and overtime and determine if overtime payment claimed by an employee is justified.

Top Section

The Top section enable management to make comparisons between staff according to their levels of (in)activity or (un)productivity.

See which websites are the most visited and which applications are the most used in your company.

Monitor Laptops

Cyclope also monitors the activity of employees who work on laptops or on computers which are not connected to the network all the time.

You can install the software on a laptop to collect and update reports once an employee is connected to the network.

Alert Option

The Alerts option allows management to set rules related to employee activity for every employee or group of employees. Alerts are activated when computer activity by an employee do not comply with the set rules. The following types of alerts can be set:

• Work schedule alert
• Idle time alert
• Online time alert
• Applications alert

Predefined alerts assist in the activity evaluation of employees and help to identify areas of abuse or malpractice.

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