How can Cyclope increase employee productivity?

"Define productive and unproductive activity levels"

The new version of Cyclope Employee Monitoring Software allows you to define the level of productivity for each application (e.g. Google Chrome) and specific actions (e.g. visited websites). By this we mean you can set which websites are marked as productive for your employees.

Report Analysis

Quickly identify:
• Lost time
• Unproductive employees
• The most frequented applications
• Actual productive time

Make decisions based on findings

Grow your company by rewarding productive employees and taking the necessary action against those who are unproductive.

Cyclope is a non-invasive employee surveillance solution for employees working on a computer.

So here’s the big & small of it all; if you have a company where most or all of your employees work on a computer and you want to monitor your employee’s productivity levels and see what they spend their time on, then the Cyclope Staff Management Program is exactly what you need.

This program is essentially highly effective Employee Monitoring Software that allows the employer to set certain standards necessary for the optimum productivity in respective companies worldwide. You set the standard for your employee’s productivity levels.

The All-in One Employee Surveillance Solution

  • Employee Monitoring Software
  • Time Tracking Software
  • Internet Tracking Software
  • Time and Attendance Software
  • Performance Management
  • Cyclope Employee Management Software

If you are sceptical about the effectiveness of the Cyclope Employee Management Software, do yourself a favour and try it out. 15 Days is all it takes – you will be able to use the internet tracking software to determine which websites are frequented and whether they’re work-related or not. It also tracks what your employees do offline, so you can see which of your employees work and which of them pretend to.

Implementing successful Performance Management has never been easier. Cyclope Employee Management Software makes every manager’s task of monitoring employees’ productivity a piece of cake. The time tracking software allows you to see the percentage of time that each employee is productive, distracted or neutral. What is ‘distracted’? You decide… It is in the hands of the employer to decide which programs or applications are considered to be a productive use of your employees’ time or not. YouTube, for instance, would be flagged as “Distracting”, whereas Outlook is “Productive”. There has never been an easier way to be on top of things than with Cyclope’s Internet Monitoring Software.

For the most Advanced Software to Monitor Employee Activity, Cyclope is so detailed that it can tell you exactly which Microsoft Word documents each of your employees have been working on and for how long. It tells you which internet browsers have been opened and for how long. You can even see instant messaging details, like who has been chatting to who on Skype and for how long. Your employee’s privacy is still respected, as the discussions are not visible – Cyclope is 100% non-invasive Employee Monitoring Software.

Some of the other functions you can monitor are:
• General Activity Categories
• Recent Printing History
• Software Inventory
• Productivity
• Overview

Being responsible for the livelihood of any number of employees can be a daunting task, especially if you feel like your employees aren’t reaching their full potential. Motivating workers is essential to the overall success of your company, and what better way to do it other than implementing a reward system. By using a comprehensive software to monitor employee productivity, an employer can pinpoint which of the employees are being the most productive and reward them accordingly. This will consequently motivate the other employees to do better and their performance management will be easily implemented with Cyclope; revolutionary time and attendance software.

It is much more than just simple time tracking software, it is internet monitoring software, as well as an all-around Employee Surveillance Solution. What more could an employer need to keep track of a company’s employees? Instead of hanging the burden of rating your employee’s productivity over your own head, install Cyclope on all their computers and let the wonder of Cyclope Employee Management Software be the judge.

In most companies, the Performance Management System is dependent on evaluating the work done and the overall customer satisfaction, but with in-depth statistics provided by Computer Monitoring Software like Cyclope, employers have constant access to helpful information which assists in evaluating employees accurately. Whether you have 3 or 200 computers in your company – Cyclope can monitor them all.

It is easily installed on computers with various kinds of operating systems. There is a quick step-by-step guide that simplifies the installation process. The administrator can then alter the settings on all programs, websites and chatgroups as desired and just like that, your employees are monitored with Cyclope’s Network Monitoring Software.

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